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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit our country, many people were scrambling to find protective face masks.  My wife and I wanted to find functional and fashionable masks to protect ourselves and our kids.

Each time we ordered a mask, we found some features that we liked, but also encountered shortcomings in the design.  For example, one mask would have poor quality elastic for the ear loops; another mask would have better quality on the ear loops, but the ear loops were too large or too small.  Some ear loops would simply break off of the masks.  At first, our only goal was to find a solid, functional mask that we could comfortably wear on a daily basis.

Our background was been in apparel design.  We have multiple apparel divisions and brands (see Family of Brands) and we've been developing apparel for over 20 years.  We identified a need for premium mask with improved fit, function, and fashion.

We started buying masks from all over the internet.  It didn't matter if it was a $5 mask or a $50 mask.  We bought homemade masks from Etsy, we bought unique masks from the US and abroad.  We tore them apart and analyzed what we liked and disliked.  Obviously, we kept the desirable features; more importantly, we added improved features.  The end result was a mask that we could proudly and comfortably wear on a daily basis.

Let's review some of those features:

1)  Moldable nose piece:  You've seen these before, right?  On surgical masks, there will be an adjustable, wire-like nose-piece built into the mask.  This allows the user to easily mold the top of the mask around the nose bridge.

2)  Extended chin panel:  We wanted to design the mask to have a better overall fit.  By including this extended chin panel, the user will have a better fit & better protection.

3)  Adjustable Ear Loops:  The ear loop issue was one of the more frustrating issues when we purchased masks from other manufacturers.  Obviously, people have different sizes heads.  You need the adjuster to ensure a better fit.

4)  Interior Pocket for Optional Inserts:  On the inside of the mask, there is an interior pocket to allow you to insert PM 2.5 filters.  These filters are 5-ply and further protect the user from pathogens.  Some users prefer to only wear the cotton mask; other users like the added protection of the PM 2.5 filters.  You have the option.  (NOTE: we provide 2 FREE filters with each premium mask).

At the time of writing this article, MaskBarn currently offers 42 styles in an assortment of colors and patterns.  Masks are available in both adult mask styles and kids mask styles.  Start shopping today!